Ebates is giving away a free gift card

hey guys if you go sign up for ebates right now http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=MyhO5KzKt1ognNgBWJwe5w%3D%3D&eeid=28187 the ar offring a choice between a free 10 dollar gift card you can choose walmart , target , kohls and i think one more so head over there because idk how long it will last for

Please help me pick a dress !!

so my budget is literally like max 35 bucks and I found these to really pretty dresses i’m doing target online because I have a gift card and it doesn’t make sense to spend so much money on something noone is gonna be there for its just gonna be the 3 of us and i’m only wearing it for that day so the two dresses i found are one is white one is purple  16748531 dress  ooh man sorry the purple on is small but its really the same exact dress just without the lace and side cut

11 Types Of Men Who Make The Best Husbands

this is great and so true its hard to find men who are more then one but those are keepers

Thought Catalog


Men who remain calm in a crisis

No matter who you are married life will be full of storms that you’ll have to weather together. Life happens. Job losses, death, health issues — all these things will affect you both at some point and the type of guy who makes a great husband is one who knows that panic is not a strategy. Someone who can keep calm and stay on your side, knowing that you two can support each other through anything is the only kind of man worth having.

Men who are family people

One of the best indicators that he’s husband material is that he is close to his family and treats them well — that’s the space you’ll occupy one day so don’t ignore the sneak peak while you can learn from it.

Men who don’t need to be nagged

Nagging is a two way…

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Neutropenia Log One -Life as a Mother

today I look at my daughter and wonder why did this happen if I should’ve known my family history maybe I could of prevented it but then again I couldn’t have what if I want to have other children is it worth the risk or isnt it its only a 20ish percent chance a boy will get but if I have a girl that could be as high as a 50 percent chance but I don’t want isabella to be alone forever and if I do have another child I could bank there cord blood theres just so many things to think about so many things to choose from and I have ecie i’m going to open up a neutropenia foundation i have only ever seen one and there page is not informative at all i want to help people with all kinds and of all ages there should be no excuse why theres no support especially because the side I see of it is little children who can’t go out side and can’t have friends it is just very very sad and it brakes my heart when I see this every night my baby girl sleeps in her big girl be next to mine because her daddy wants to raise her as normal as possible but i cant help but let her cuddle with me because what if I never get to see her grow up wheat if she has to live her life in the hospital what if I regret not doing everything in my power to keep her safe so yes some people may not agree but I keep her around very few people if she goes out the house i put a mask on her other moms let there kids with immune problems go to daycare and they get sick or this this and that but im sorry I can’t do it I find whatever way I can to make it work because there is a saying better play it safe then play sorry and I will fight fight fight for my baby girl and one day if she grows out of it that’s wonderful but i will always still have that fear for her and have that fear if she ever wants to start a family of her own i will fight for her and everyone who has this or who has ever gotten it i will start my own charity and or foundation and i am so thankful for all the kind hearted people in life and i am so glad i’ve always been one of that i never knew why i always want to give give give to other people or help other people but i guess my destion has came to be