My tips ( Day 1)


1. I find it easier if you find something you like to do yoga, weights, boxing, just plain old crunches and running whatever you like best or a mix of both and set a goal like say i love crunches i can do them basically anywhere i’m laying down watching TV the brake comes on i set my goal for 10 and go if i fell i can do more go for it or set your goal higher next time so that way no matter what your trying to get to that set number and don’t give up

2. find out if you like to workout alone or a buddies its good to have a workout buddies if your one of the ones who always quit.

3. lots of water its the best thing to drink and keep you health and hey its easy to get

4. find food that is good for you and that taste good don’t eat diet that taste gross get stuff that taste good and it benefits make some homemade smoothies there the best.

5 Get a good sleep turn off all the junk 30 min to an hour before you go to sleep to be well rested

6.relax you dont have to exercise everyday 2-3 a week is fine because some days you will be super sore find thing to keep you occupied on your day off and a light stretch never hurtsImage

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